Coin Specifications

Region: Canada  
Denomination: C25C  
Diameter: 23.8 (mm)  

Coin Metal Composition:

Nickel [99.9%] 5.04495 (g)
Total Mass: 5.05 (g)

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1999-2000 - Elizabeth II - Millennium Quarter

Canada 1999 Twenty-Five Cent Coin Description

Canada 1999  Millennium - April ( C25C ) - Obverse
Canada 1999  Millennium - April ( C25C ) - Reverse

Coin Mass: 5.05 GRAMS    [View Coin Metal Melt Value]
Diameter: 23.8 (mm)
Mint Year: 1999
Mint Mark:
Coin Name: Millennium - April
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Coin Grade:
OFCC - Uncirculated
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OFCC Serial: 145.699
Face Value:
( Canada)
Coin Notes: 1999 - April - Our Northern Heritage - Mintage: 15,446,000
Design features Inuit art
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Coin Type Description:

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Years Minted: 1999-2000
Mint Marks:
Denomination: C25C
Obverse Design: The portrait in right profile of Elizabeth II, when she was 64 years old, is surrounded with the facial value and the inscription "ELIZABETH II D • G • REGINA" (Elizabeth II, Queen by the grace of God) Lettering: 25 CENTS ELIZABETH II D • G • REGINA
Obverse Designer: Dora De Pédery-Hunt
Reverse Design: Mixed
Reverse Designer:
1999-2000 - Elizabeth II - Millennium Quarter

In April 1998, the Mint announced the Millennium Coin Design Contest, a contest open to all Canadians to submit designs for twenty-four millennium quarters, one for each month of 1999 and 2000. The 1999 designs were meant to look back on Canada's past, while the 2000 designs looked to the future. While the 1999 coins were labeled with their month of issue, the 2000 coins were labeled with the relevant theme (see below).


Canada: 1999-2000 Millennium 25 Cent Series

To celebrate the new millennium, Canada created a two year circulating commemorative program that would be conducted in two parts (one in 1999 and one in 2000). Each program released 12 quarters per year ( 1 per month) and each featured a unique design.

The 1999 plan featured designs representative of Canada's past. In an open design contest called “Create a Centsation” over 33,000 designs were submitted for consideration.

The 2000 plan featured designs representative of Canada's dreams for a new millennium. A second design contest was held and over 66,000 designs were submitted for consideration.

1999 - January - A Country Unfolds - Mintage: 12,181,200
When put together the four images in this coin form the year 1999

1999 - February - Etched in Stone - Mintage: 14,469,250
Design features native petroglyphs that capture the historical heritage & spirituality of Canada

1999 - March - The Log Drive - Mintage: 15,033,500
Historical reference of Canadian raftsmen and the significant contribution they made to the growth and prosperity of Canada

1999 - April - Our Northern Heritage - Mintage: 15,446,000
Design features Inuit art

1999 - May - The Voyagers - Mintage: 15,566,100
Homage to the explorers & pioneers that mapped the new lands and created the fur trade

1999 - June - From Coast to Coast - Mintage: 20,432,750
Celebrates the historic Pacific Railway that connects Canada from coast to coast

1999 - July - A Nation of People - Mintage: 17,321,000
One continuous line depicts six people, representing law & order, learning, teaching, the arts, nature, and sports

1999 - August - The Pioneer Spirit - Mintage: 18,153,700
Celebrates pioneers who came to Canada from other countries to enjoy prosperity and new beginnings

1999 - September - Canada Through a Child's Eye - Mintage: 31,539,350
Three children holding hands representing a united nation

1999 - October - A Tribute to First Nations - Mintage: 32,136,650
Symbolic representation of Canada's first inhabitants, the eagle, bear and killer whale represent the air, land, & sea

1999 - November - The Airplane Opens the North - Mintage: 27,162,800
Design pays tribute to the bush plane and its contribution to opening access to northern Canada

1999 - December - This is Canada - Mintage: 43,339,200
The 13 gear teeth on a wheel represents the 13 provinces, symbol celebrates Canada's rich variety – wheat fields, forests, mountains, native dwellings, and cities


25 Cents - Elizabeth II December

KM# 353
Country Canada
Year 1999
Value 25 Cents
Metal Nickel
Weight 5.05 g
Diameter 23.8 mm
Thickness 1.58 mm
Engravers Dora De Pédery-Hunt (obverse)
Shape Round
Edge Reeded


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1999-2000
Number of Types: 24
Composition: 100% Nickel
Diameter: 23.8 mm
Weight: 5.03 grams
Total Mintages: ???
Edge: Reeded

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Rated 59 out of 70 with 1 Verifications

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C25C 1999   Canada
OFCC Uncirculated
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