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Germany - 2 Pfennig
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Germany - 2 Pfennig

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This section of Obscure Finds Numismatic Collection is made up of coins from the Germany region and specializes in 2 Pfennig coins. If you are looking for coin facts, numismatic data or simple melt value composition of Germany - 2 Pfennig coins, you can find it here at Obscure Finds.

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Germany - 2 Pfennig Coins
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2 Pfennig

The first German deutschemark coins were issued by the Bank deutscher Länder in 1948 and 1949. From 1950, the inscription Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany) appeared on the coins. These coins were issued in denominations of 1, 2, 5, and 10 pfennig. The 1 and 2 pfennig were struck in bronze clad steel (although during some years the 2 pf. was issued in solid bronze) while 5 and 10 pf. were brass clad steel. In 1950, copper nickel 50 pfennig and 1 mark were released while a copper nickel 2 mark and a .625 silver 5 mark was released in 1951. Copper nickel replaced silver in the 5 mark in 1975. The 2 and 5 mark coins have often been used for commemorative themes, though typically only the generic design for the 5 mark is intended for circulation. Commemorative silver 10 mark coins have also been issued which have periodically found their way into circulation. Unlike other European countries, Germany retained the use of the smallest coins (certainly in supermarkets) of 1 and 2 Pfennig until adoption of the Euro.

Denomination 2 Pfennig
Dates issued 1950–2001
Composition 1950–1968: Bronze, 1968–2001: Bronze-plated steel
Obverse Denomination between rye stalks
Reverse Oak sprig

2 Pfennig
2 Empire Small Eagle 1873-1877
11 Empire Large Eagle 1904-1916
307 Weimar Rentenpfennig 1923-1924
314 Weimar Reichspfennig 1923-1936
362 Third Reich Bronze 1936-1940
381 BRD 1950-2001