Coin Specifications

Region: US  
Denomination: 50C  
Diameter: 30.6 (mm)  

Coin Metal Composition:

Silver [90%] 11.25 (g)
Copper [10%] 1.25 (g)
Total Mass: 12.5 (g)

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1951-1954 Washington Carver Silver Half Dollar

US 1952 Commemorative Half Dollar Coin Description

US 1952  Washington-Carver Half Dollar ( 50C ) - Obverse
US 1952  Washington-Carver Half Dollar ( 50C ) - Reverse

Coin Mass: 12.5 GRAMS    [View Coin Metal Melt Value]
Diameter: 30.6 (mm)
Mint Year: 1952
Mint Mark:
Coin Name: Washington-Carver Half Dollar
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Rating Value: 64
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Coin Grade:
PCGS - MS 64
Grade Serial: 9434.64/19683854
OFCC Serial: 28.44
Face Value:
( US)
Coin Notes:
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Coin Type Description:

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Years Minted: 1951-1954
Mint Marks: None (P), D, S
Denomination: 50C
Obverse Design: Washington Carver
Obverse Designer: Isaac Scott Hathaway
Reverse Design: USA MAP
Reverse Designer: Isaac Scott Hathaway
1951-1954 Washington Carver Silver Half Dollar

The Early United States commemorative coins traditionally begins with the 1892 Colombian Half dollar and extends through the 1954 Booker T. Washington issue. The profits from the sale of commemorative coins was often used to fund a specific project. Commemorative coins were a money raising mechanism that provided an alternative to raising taxes.

George Washington Carver/Booker T. Washington
1951 (PDS) (20,018, 10,004, 10,004)
1952 (PDS) (1,006,292, 8,006, 8,006)
1953 (PDS) (8,003, 8,003, 88,020)
1954 (PDS) (12,006, 12,006, 42,024)


1951-54 George Washington Carver-Booker T. WashingtonHalf Dollar

With the exception of Acts signed on August 7, 1946, for the Iowa Centennial and Booker T. Washington half dollars, and an amendment to one of these in 1951 for the (George Washington) Carver-(Booker T.) Washington half dollar, no further coins were authorized. Produced from 1951 through 1954, the Carver-Washington half dollar was the last of the pre-modern commemorative coin programs.


1951 - 54 Washington-Carver

The Washington-Carver commemorative is the last in “classic commemorative”: series issued between 1892 and 1954. The history of this coin is tied to McCarthyism and loosely to the Civil rights movement as is the Booker T. Washington commemorative before it.

Quick Coinage Facts
Years Minted: 1951-1954
Mints: Philadelphia, Denver, San Fancisco
**Composition: .900 Silver, .100 Coper
Diameter: 30.6 mm
Weight: 12.50 grams
Total Mintage: 2,136,000 Plain, 248,000 S, 38,000 D
Edge: reeded
Authority: Public Law 610-124 of Sept 21, 1951


George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver (5 January 1864 – 5 January 1943), was an American botanist and inventor. The exact day and year of his birth are unknown; he was born into slavery in Missouri, either in 1861, or January 1864.


Booker T. Washington

Booker Taliaferro Washington (April 5, 1856 – November 14, 1915) was an African-American educator, author, orator, and advisor to presidents of the United States. Between 1890 and 1915, Washington was the dominant leader in the African-American community.

On April 7, 1940, Washington became the first African American to be depicted on a United States postage stamp. Several years later, he was honored on the first coin to feature an African American, the Booker T. Washington Memorial Half Dollar, which was minted by the United States from 1946 to 1951. He was also depicted on a U.S. Half Dollar from 1951–1954.


1/2 Dollar Washington-Carver

Non circulating issue
KM# 200
Country United States
Years 1951-1954
Value Half Dollar = 50 Cents (0.5 USD)
Metal Silver (.900)
Weight 12.5 g
Diameter 30.6 mm
Engraver Isaac S. Hathaway
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment ↑↓

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Rated 64 out of 70 with 1 Verifications

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