Coin Specifications

Region: Canada  
Denomination: C10C  
Diameter: 18.03 (mm)  

Coin Metal Composition:

Steel [92%] 1.61 (g)
Copper [5.5%] 0.09625 (g)
Nickel ( 2.5% ) 0.04375 (g)
Total Mass: 1.75 (g)

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2001 - Year of the Volunteers Ten Cents

Canada 2001 Ten Cent Coin Description

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Coin Mass: 1.75 GRAMS    [View Coin Metal Melt Value]
Diameter: 18.03 (mm)
Mint Year: 2001
Mint Mark: P
Coin Name: Canadian Volunteer Dime
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Coin Type Description:

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Years Minted: 2001
Mint Marks: P
Denomination: C10C
Obverse Design: Crowned bust of Queen Elizabeth II facing right Lettering: CANADA 10 CENTS 2011 ELIZABETH II
Obverse Designer: Dora de Pédery-Hunt
Reverse Design: Three portraits facing left above banner, radiant sun below Lettering: YEAR OF VOLUNTEERS • ANNÉE DES BÉNÉVOLES
Reverse Designer: Stan Witten, MRC
2001 - Year of the Volunteers Ten Cents

In Canada, a dime is a coin worth ten cents. It is the smallest (in physical size) of the currently issued Canadian coins. According to the Royal Canadian Mint, the official national term of the coin is the 10 cent piece, but in practice, the term dime predominates in English-speaking Canada. It is nearly identical in size to the American dime, but unlike its counterpart, the Canadian dime is magnetic due to a distinct metal composition: from 1968 to 1999 it was composed entirely of nickel, and since 2000 it has had a high steel content.


The history: The original IYV 2001

Bonn, Germany: In 1997, the UN General Assembly, convinced that the need for volunteer effort was greater than ever and that a year designed to enhance the recognition, facilitation, networking and promotion of volunteer service could make a significant contribution to generating increased awareness of the achievements and further potential of volunteerism, proclaimed 2001 as the International Year of Volunteers - or 'IYV'.


2001 International Year of the Volunteer

This coin was issued in honour of the United Nations' International Year of the Volunteer and pays tribute to the millions of Canadians who help those in need.
Composition: 92% steel, 5.5% copper, 2.5% nickel
Weight (g): 1.75
Diameter (mm): 18.03
Thickness (mm): 1.22


10 Cents - Elizabeth II Year of volunteers

KM# 412
Country Canada
Year 2001
Value 10 Cents
Metal Nickel plated Steel
Weight 1.75 g
Diameter 18.03 mm
Thickness 1.22 mm
Dora De Pédery-Hunt (obverse)
Stan Witten (reverse)
Shape Round
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑

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C10C 2001   P Canada
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