Coin Specifications

Region: US  
Denomination: 50C  
Diameter: 30.61 (mm)  

Coin Metal Composition:

Copper [91.67%] 10.395378 (g)
Nickel [8.33%] 0.944622 (g)
Total Mass: 11.34 (g)

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1992 Olympic Half Dollar

US 1992 Commemorative Half Dollar Coin Description

US 1992 S Olympic Half Dollar ( 50C ) - Obverse
US 1992 S Olympic Half Dollar ( 50C ) - Reverse

Coin Mass: 11.34 GRAMS    [View Coin Metal Melt Value]
Diameter: 30.61 (mm)
Mint Year: 1992
Mint Mark: S
Coin Name: Olympic Half Dollar
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Coin Grade:
Grade Serial: 9921.69/22057327
OFCC Serial: 43.61
Face Value:
( US)
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Coin Type Description:

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Years Minted: 1992
Mint Marks: P, S
Denomination: 50C
Obverse Design: female gymnast in motion against the background of an American flag
Obverse Designer: William Cousins
Reverse Design: the Olympic torch and an olive branch
Reverse Designer: Steven M. Bieda
The 1992 Olympic Half Dollar was issued along with separate gold and silver coins for the 1992 Olympic Games. The summer games were held in Barcelona, Spain and the winter games were held in Albertville and Savoie, France.
The obverse design of the half dollar features a female gymnast in motion against the background of an American flag. Inscriptions read “In God We Trust”, “1991″, and “Liberty”. The Olympic rings with USA also appear. The obverse was designed by William C. Cousins.

On the reverse of the coin is an image of the Olympic torch and an olive branch designed by Steven M Bieda. The inscriptions above and below read “United States of America” and “Half Dollar”. A central inscription reads “Citius Altius Fortius” which is Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger”.

The maximum authorized mintage for the 1992 Olympic Half Dollar was set at 6 million, which proved excessive compared to the final sales. Proof versions of the coins were struck at the San Francisco Mint and uncirculated versions were struck at the Philadelphia Mint. The coins were sold individually, or in two and three coin uncirculated or proof sets, and a six coin commemorative set.

As an incentive to collectors, the US Mint included cards with authentic American Olympic athlete’s autographs. The autograph cards were included in the two and three coin proof sets and six coin sets while supplies lasted.
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Rated 69 out of 70 with 1 Verifications

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50C 1992   S US
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